Teff and Nut Breakfast Biscuit

This was an experiment as I’ve done similar baked crumb before to use with natural yoghurt but I wanted to try another ‘ancient grain superfood’ that I’d been reading about – teff.  My understanding is that this nutrient dense grain has been a staple of Ethiopian cooking for thousands of years – and is still just as popular (apparently one quarter of the countries cereal production is teff). I used the darker variety, which they tell me is more earthy than the white stuff. For gluten-free people it makes another great substitute to gluten-containing flours.  If I had any left I would show you a  photo but I used the last of it in this mIMG_0866.JPGorning’s apple and zucchini breakfast muffins (more of that to follow).  It is similar to a poppy seed in size and texture.  Here’s what I did: First, I mixed 1 cup of almond meal, 1/2 cup teff, 1 cup of flaked and chopped almonds, 1 tablespoon LSA and 2 tspns cinnamon in a bowl. Then I added 1/4 cup rice malt syrup (but I’m sure honey would work too), and 2 tabs melted coconut oil. After combining I poured the mixture onto a baking tray lined with paper and flattened it out to make a whopping big biscuit.  I baked it at 170 Celsius for about 25 minutes until brown and once cool I broke it into bits.  I tried it with a smoothie style berry/banana/almond milk/cacao powder/nut butter mix to get this result on the left.  On the right is putting the crumb on top of berries and then topping with greek yoghurt. Both were delicious and had a really interesting texture. IMG_0868.JPGIMG_0869.JPG

So, get down to your local wholesaler of healthfoods and ask for some teff… with all of its benefits you would be mad not to!


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